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Department of Justice officials for use against members of a New York organized crime family who were wary of conventional surveillance techniques such as tailing a suspect or wiretapping him. Nextel cell phones owned by two alleged mobsters, John Ardito and his attorney Peter Peluso, were used by the FBI to listen in on nearby conversations.

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The surveillance technique came to light in an opinion published this week by U. District Judge Lewis Kaplan. While the Genovese crime family prosecution appears to be the first time a remote-eavesdropping mechanism has been used in a criminal case, the technique has been discussed in security circles for years. Nextel and Samsung handsets and the Motorola Razr are especially vulnerable to software downloads that activate their microphones, said James Atkinson , a counter-surveillance consultant who has worked closely with government agencies.

Because modern handsets are miniature computers, downloaded software could modify the usual interface that always displays when a call is in progress. The spyware could then place a call to the FBI and activate the microphone—all without the owner knowing it happened. The FBI declined to comment on Friday.

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Security-conscious corporate executives routinely remove the batteries from their cell phones, he added. They did have a confidential source who reported the suspects met at restaurants including Brunello Trattoria in New Rochelle, N. But in July , Ardito and his crew discovered bugs in three restaurants, and the FBI quietly removed the rest.

Conversations recounted in FBI affidavits show the men were also highly suspicious of being tailed by police and avoided conversations on cell phones whenever possible. District Judge Barbara Jones approved them in a series of orders in and , and said she expected to "be advised of the locations" of the suspects when their conversations were recorded. Details of how the Nextel bugs worked are sketchy. Court documents, including an affidavit p1 and p2 prepared by Assistant U. Attorney Jonathan Kolodner in September , refer to them as a "listening device placed in the cellular telephone.

Then they monitored the bug from fairly near by. But other experts thought microphone activation is the more likely scenario, mostly because the battery in a tiny bug would not have lasted a year and because court documents say the bug works anywhere "within the United States"—in other words, outside the range of a nearby FBI agent armed with a radio receiver.

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In addition, a paranoid Mafioso likely would be suspicious of any ploy to get him to hand over a cell phone so a bug could be planted. A BBC article from reported that intelligence agencies routinely employ the remote-activiation method. For its part, Nextel said through spokesman Travis Sowders: Other mobile providers were reluctant to talk about this kind of surveillance. Verizon Wireless said only that it "works closely with law enforcement and public safety officials.

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  • When presented with legally authorized orders, we assist law enforcement in every way possible. A Motorola representative said that "your best source in this case would be the FBI itself. In one case involving Nicodemo S.

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    Bill Stollhans, president of the Private Investigators Association of Virginia, said such a technique would be legally reserved for police armed with court orders, not private investigators. There is "no law that would allow me as a private investigator to use that type of technique," he said. It is not allowable or not legal in the private sector. No client of mine can ask me to overhear telephone or strictly oral conversations. Surreptitious activation of built-in microphones by the FBI has been done before.

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    When FBI agents remotely activated the system and were listening in, passengers in the vehicle could not tell that their conversations were being monitored. Malicious hackers have followed suit. Following revelations about bugging at the United Nations, is there any way of ensuring that your private conversations stay that way?

    News that Kofi Annan and other senior UN figures may have been routinely bugged by US or British security services has caused a huge political row around the world. But it will also have caused alarm among other people in the public eye who deal with sensitive information - or anyone, indeed, who values their privacy. If the secretary general of the United Nations cannot prevent his private conversations from being listened to by all and sundry, who can?

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    It seems if someone wants to listen to what you are saying badly enough, there is very little you can do to stop it. If the window is closed, radio waves or a laser beam can be bounced off the glass. The vibrations detected can be translated into speech. Mobiles communicate with their base station on a frequency separate from the one used for talking. If you have details of the frequencies and encryption codes being used you can listen in to what is being said in the immediate vicinity of any phone in the network.

    According to some reports, intelligence services do not even need to obtain permission from the networks to get their hands on the codes. So provided it is switched on, a mobile sitting on the desk of a politician or businessman can act as a powerful, undetectable bug. Faut-il acheter un mobile Huawei ou Honor en ?

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